Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Because after dispute holds abscond of elder brother's wife of knife disclose dead elder brother 15 years, the man is seized

Dispatch of our newspaper Shenzhen the dispute of one picket land 15 years ago, guangdong promotes pond of peaceful city leaf to press down one villager Luo Mou to shine pair of 2 elder brother 2 elder brother's wife are painful next killer, abscond of and other places of Jiangxi of bright flounder of the Luo Mou after case hair, Heibei up to now. Yesterday before dawn 2 when make, baoan police in Long Gang one garden village will hide so far Luo Mou is bright capture. The policeman plays the part of water and electricity to be versed in corkscrew false or true is handling a case in the job, baoan gumshoe group masters a clew, an abscond 15 years be at large for a long time personnel Luo Mou shines daughter home is secondly medium now. To arrest a suspect again escape. Overnight 10 when make, handle a case car of drive of policeman the same night drives auspicious of cloth of the hillock that go to dragon street one garden village. Yesterday before dawn 1 when make, one handles a case coverall of labour of water and electricity of village of policeman dress borrowed, beat the one office door of 8 buildings noisy for the name with circuit of rush to repair, but spent a long time, luo Mou's bright 2 daughters insist not to agree to open the door. Handle a case the policeman changed the police uniform to beat a door subsequently. In the bedroom, a man of hair grey faces the policeman's question, expression is wooden, policeman identifying him is Luo Mou bright. Because brotherly dispute walks up not to put in a road 's charge on October 7, 1996, luo Mou is bright after a few brother break up, he and spring of Luo Mou of 2 elder brother because of a land attributive happening conflict, after the mediation of the village fails, the contradiction between brother sends aggravate more. Case hair fell that day midday, luo Mou shines to hide dagger personally, in disclose of bamboo forest knife 2 elder brother 2 elder brother's wife, two people are not treated die. After committing the crime, he walked one day overnight, walked along Jiangxi churchyard, after this more the name changes and other places of surname flounder Anhui, Heibei, Shandong to abscond up to now, rely on on building site to do bit of casual laborer to maintaining the life. In 15 years, he never has contacted his parents, know till the ability when calling to the child, his father and wife already died early or late. As a result of the life of long-term drift from place to place, he 65 years old already all over the face gully, grey-haired. Current, luo Mou shines to already was detained lawfully by police.

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