Thursday, November 3, 2011

The State Council is installed appoint can hang out his shingle supervise and direct accident of outflow of Na Gang molten iron

Xinhua net Beijing on October 12 report (reporter Zhu Liyi) national security superintended total bureau to reported Nanjing steely Inc. a few days ago " 10 · 5 " grave accident of molten iron outflow. The basis concerns a provision, the State Council is installed appoint meet what already had an accident to this investigate execute hang out one's shingle supervise and direct, investigate a result to will be announced to the society. On October 5 11 when 40 minutes or so, 5 blast furnace are in ironworks of Nanjing steely Inc. accident of outflow of water of cast iron of the hair in process of preparation stopping furnace, cause scald of 12 people death, 1 person. Steel share is collect ore is collected south choose, the integrated iron and steel works that coking plant, agglomeration, puddling, steel-making, steel rolling is an organic whole, the yield that has 7 million tons of 8 million tons of steel, rolled steel at present can. Ironworks of Na Gang share 5 blast furnace built go into operation 1998, stopped furnace 2006, overhaul hind opened furnace on June 19, 2007. Furnace look is 402 stere, produce per year can be 500 thousand tons, blast furnace sets 14 a place with a draught and a taphole, use structure of hearth of water-cooling of cup of pottery and porcelain of carbolic brick + and PW not to have kind of the stuff on bell roof. On October 5, 2011 7 when 30 minutes, ironworks of Na Gang share 5 blast furnace ask to fall according to plan stopping furnace makings line 9 - undertake wind is operated 10 meters resting beforehand. Rest beforehand during wind, demolished a powerful person of roof big spread and gas sampling canal, installed roof to make water device, rift incomplete iron mouth is in furnace skin, got off incomplete iron mouth is in cooling wall, be opposite at the same time clean, barren is gas inside division of 5 heat group reach the establishment such as blast furnace oxygen boosting to undertake safe processing, cut off with common share cop. That day 11 when make 37 minutes, 5 blast furnace have answer wind. 11 when 40 minutes or so, when spot work staff is installing incomplete iron channel, a large number of molten iron open the position suddenly to pour out of beforehand from incomplete iron mouth, cause the 12 people death on incomplete iron platform, 1 person to get hurt. According to preliminary analysis, because carbolic brick suffers crucible interior,this accident is erode attenuate, detecting to its intensity and argumentation evaluates the rift below inadequate circumstance skin of furnace of place of incomplete iron mouth, answer wind operation makes force of furnace internal pressure elevatory, bring about wall of furnace of molten iron puncture to pour out of. Detailed account is investigating the accident further. The basis concerns a provision, the State Council is installed appoint meet what already had an accident to this investigate execute hang out one's shingle supervise and direct, investigate a result to will be announced to the society. To draw accident lesson, safety superintends total bureau to ask each district builds rigid overhaul system, be on guard serious especially big accident happens; Solid begin hidden trouble platoon to check processing, strengthen job of metallurgy company safe production; Begin safe production to standardize construction deep, foundation of safe production of tamp metallurgy company; Serious accident is investigated, increase responsibility to find out strength, lesson of cogent act reason promotes the work.

Guangdong Fosan puts extend a time limit to buy do not make call in namely draw attention

In extensive network Beijing on October 12 message (reporter Zhou Yu) the sound that occupies China " news late height " report, fosan city housing and management board of urban and rural construction issue an announcement yesterday morning, express to will be loosened since now be restricted to buy, but the announcement does not promulgate 12 hours to be called in namely. As Guangdong the province comes on stage the first times be restricted to buy made ground level city, fosan is in those who be restricted to buy policy " issue an order in the morning and rescind it in the evening " the practice caused all circles attention again. Yesterday morning, city of Guangdong province Fosan lives build bureau announcement is released to say in the website, extend a time limit puts to buy a condition since October 12: The housing property right that already handled estate authority card more than 5 years is transferred, do not bring into be restricted to buy range; Allow family of dweller of Fosan city census register to add buy 7500 yuan / the housing under square metre. This is the whole nation is made clear the first times loosen the city that is restricted to buy policy. Put extend a time limit to buy policy, get wide attention namely. Citizen one: "What I feel or do not relax is good ~ or house price may be gone to rise, we more canned not afford. "   citizen 2: "The finance that I think to the likelihood is him government or the pressure of the target. "   Fosan is Guangdong province comes on stage the first times be restricted to buy made ground level city, set at that time, the household of dweller of Fosan census register that in principle covers housing to already having 1 and can offer the blame that 1 year in Fosan above pay taxes proves or social insurance pay proves family of dweller of Fosan census register, be restricted to buy 1 ring house. Fosan city lives build bureau data to show, be restricted to buy half an year to come, fosan city housing all valence from this year in March 8756.13 yuan / fall after a rise reachs the historical perch of square metre in September 8237.08 yuan / the position of square metre, the biggest fall amount to 6% . The commodity housing of before this year 3 quarters all valence is 8235.05 yuan / square metre, go to 7987.75 yuan of annual bottom compared to the same period / square metre rises 3.1% , house price control is in adjusting control target. Trade quantity from mean monthly first quarter 870 thousand square metre adjusts fall after a rise to come at present mean monthly 400 thousand square metre. Fosan city lives build bureau government website to go up, made a specification to publishing policy of untie a person. To loosening 7500 yuan / the specification that the commodity house of square metre is restricted to buy is: "Guide the reasonable construction of the market, guide citizen reason to consume, in encouraging, low price product rolls out the market. " additional, "Be based on whole town one, secondhand consideration of structure of commodity housing market, promote conduction estate authority card of 5 years of above secondhand the house is current, reasonable guiding market gradient consumption. "   Fosan city lives build bureau express, through adjusting control of half an year, the estate of Fosan invests congenial behavior to had gotten keep within limits, market adjusting control obtains initial effect, the market grows to healthy, benign direction stage by stage. However, arrived yesterday evening 23 when 24 minutes, fosan city lives build bureau say in the announce on the website again, for " evaluate policy integratedly to affect " , defer to implement this policy. For this, fosan city housing and Zhong Meishi of director of management board of urban and rural construction explain, the original intention that makes this announcement is to think next undertaking perfect and complementing to in Fosan city active housing is restricted to buy policy framework, also be to ensure at the same time finish price of house of this city annual to dominate an end. Bell director: "We are not the meanings that relax, we basically are perfect. We stem from sufficient consult each opinion, with the influence that publishs relevant policy to us this respect considers. " the change that   puts extend a time limit to buy policy to Fosan, guangdong is saved build hall to express about chief, whether be although local government is in, restricted to buy, how be restricted to buy on have certain own right, but be in current, of building city policy adjust must discreet.